Var_Dump() color code now working

After installing XDebug I noticed that var_dump was still not being beautified by XDebug.
As it turned out the issue was a setting in the php.ini file.
Locate your php.ini file. On linux, mac you do so with

locate php.ini
By default html_errors is set to off.
Lets change that to on. ; When PHP displays or logs an error, it has the capability of inserting html ; links to documentation related to that error. This directive controls whether


Recently I decided to start using Xdebug. Normally, I would sprinkle var_dump() and print statement through my php code. However, This lead to a nightmare while debugging. It's more than likely eventually you'll forget an output statement somewhere. XDebug is a php extension that helps to solve this problem. It is written and maintained by Derrick Rethans.  For the latest updates and to download the source see