Prevent conversion of basic html entities by ckeditor in drupal

By default ckeditor converts basic html <(less than), >(greather than), &(Ampersand) 
There is a javascript variable available to disable able this feature.
See the documentation here

add the following to the advance section of the ckeditor:
config.basicEntities = false;

Where is links__system_main_menu defined?

If you look at many template files such as page.tpl.php you see the code below. But where is links__system_main_menu? One would expect that it is a function defined in the template.phpp file or elsewhere. However this is not the case. As keith stated over at stockexchange.
Drupal 7 core doesn't actually define this function.

Pagination in Drupal 7

$query = db_select('node','n')->extend('PagerDefault')->limit(1); //execute the query $data = $query->execute(); //count the total $res = $this->query->countQuery()->execute(); $countObj = $res->fetch(); $count = $countObj->expression; //pager variable global $pager_page_array, $pager_total;